Yaletown portfolio company ThoughtWire mentioned in an article from The Globe and Mail

Yaletown is pleased to report that our portfolio company ThoughtWire was mentioned in an article from The Globe and Mail about global investment in property technology, also known as “proptech”: Drones and AI adoption grows as developers buy into proptech.

ThoughtWire is continuing to develop the system’s AI, so that it can increasingly predict behaviours, usages and trends based on the data it gathers, and then take actions autonomously.

The article also notes that ThoughtWire has worked with many of the country’s large commercial real-estate developers over the past few years.

Since 2009, ThoughtWire has been changing how we think about intelligent automation and process optimization, beginning with its award-winning Ambiant™ platform, developed to interconnect and orchestrate people, data and things in real time.

Yaletown is very proud to support ThoughtWire’s team. Click here to read the full article.