Yaletown Lends Perspective on BC’s Investment Outlook in a Report by CFA Vancouver Society

The CFA Vancouver Society – an organization of financial analysts – has launched an initiative called The Future of Finance to create positive change in the financial industry. Part of that initiative is to provide quarterly publications on the BC Investment Outlook. This month, Yaletown was asked to lend our prospective in an article. Here’s a snippet:

The New Structure of Venture Capital
by Eric Bukovinsky – Yaletown Venture Partners

2014 will likely mark the turning point in the flow of capital to venture funds in the United States. After 5 years of stagnant fund flows, capital raised by funds is on pace to eclipse 2008 levels outpacing capital invested by funds for the first time since 2007.

Read the BC Investment Outlook for Winter 2014 – See Page 5

Author: Yaletown Venture Partners