Startup Genome 2018 Startup Report highlights the promise of intelligent industry

The new Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 released by the Startup Genome and Global Entrepreneurship network highlights a key milestone in the innovation economy today: we are in a new global era of industry-focused technology. Yaletown Partners intelligent industry focus aligns squarely with this outlook.

CEO and cofounder of Startup Genome, JF Gauthier says: “We’ve entered the Third Wave of innovation – the global startup community is disrupting industries by combining technology with deep industry expertise. This creates a game-changing opportunity for smaller, less mature startup ecosystems that can now build out competitive advantage at a global level by focusing on their DNA and legacy strengths.”

That statement reads like a bold invitation to Canada with our deep industry expertise and momentum in IoT, IIoT, AI and machine learning as well as other deep data analytics.

There are also important lessons in the report about how local connectedness to other entrepreneurs and investors is a predictor of a startup founders success – a mission we continue to support.

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Author: Yaletown Partners