Solegear and r-pac International to Deliver Plant-Based Packaging for Smartphone Case

Solegear Bioplastic Technologies Inc. (TSX-V:SGB) (“Solegear” or the “Company”) and r-pac International, a leading global supplier of retail packaging, announced today a replenishment order from r-pac International, to provide Solegear’s proprietary TF4000 bioplastic for the production of smartphone case packaging to support an upcoming launch at a leading US-based consumer electronics retailer. This order represents a forecast of 600,000 smartphone case packages to be produced by r-pac from Solegear’s plant-based bioplastic with delivery commencing in this quarter.

“Following an initial launch of plant-based smartphone case packaging last fall, this latest order represents an ongoing commitment from the retailer to meet demand from consumers for more sustainable products and packaging,” said Paul Antoniadis, CEO of Solegear. “Our collaborative partnership with r-pac International means that we continue to develop packaging materials that meet real-world performance and manufacturing requirements for Fortune 500 brands, and these solutions are resulting in long-term customer relationships and commitments.”

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Author: Solegear Bioplastic Technologies