Lessons learned are offered openly.

Yaletown’s Special Limited Partners have founded, built and financed many of the technology companies that have defined their categories. They are close strategic advisors to the Partners and their experience and networks are available to every Yaletown portfolio company.

    Alex Clark Founder & Past CTO Bit Stew (acquired by GE Digital, 2016)
      Kevin Collins Founder & Past CEO Bit Stew (acquired by GE Digital, 2016)
        Barry Yates Past CEO Monexa (acquired by NetSuite, 2015)
          Brad Zumwalt Founder & Past President Veer (acquired by Corbis, 2007)
            Ralph Turfus Investor, Mentor, Chair, Redlen Technologies
              Laurie Wallace Chair Recon Instruments
                Allan Silber Founder, Chairman & CEO Counsel Corporation
                  Evan Hu Instructor, Coach, Co-founder Knelf
                    Steve Munford Chair Elastic Path Software, Sophos and Quick Mobile
                      Greg Peet Chair Equicare Health Solutions, Past CEO. A.L.I. Technologies
                        John Seminerio Chair, PHEMI Health Systems
                          Colin C. Harris Yaletown Special Limited Partner

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