All Investments

All Investments

Yaletown’s initial investments have ranged from a few hundred thousand to several million dollars. The teams building these great businesses have attracted over $200 million in investment since we first saw their potential, and Yaletown has been an active participant in the syndication and investment of every round.

Bit Stew Systems: Vancouver, BC. Provides integrated, real-time network operations solutions for the utility industry.

Chaordix: Calgary, AB A leader in crowdsourced market intelligence

Columbia Green: Portland, OR. A green building products manufacturing company.

Cooledge Lighting: Vancouver, BC. Solid state lighting technology.

Elastic Path: Vancouver, BC. Elastic Path builds ecommerce software that powers the next generation of digital experience.

Endurance: Vancouver, BC. Medium-scale wind turbines for distributed power generation.

EnerG2: Seattle, WA. Engineered carbon materials for electrochemical storage systems.

ePACT Network Ltd.: Vancouver, BC. ePACT enables families and organizations to connect and share critical information and tools before, during and after a crisis.

Equicare Health: Vancouver, BC. Equicare Health offers software as a service to improve patient outcomes during post-cancer treatment.

Foodee: Vancouver, BC An online food ordering platform for companies and organizations.

Genologics: Victoria, BC. Software for genome sequencing, proteomics, and biorepositories

GrowLab: Vancouver, BC. A startup bootcamp company.

Indicee: Vancouver, BC. Cloud-Based Business Intelligence. Acquired by Dun & Bradstreet in April, 2014.

LoginRadius: Edmonton, AB. A social login and sharing provider.

Mixpo: Seattle, WA.
A video advertising technology provider that enables users to easily deliver and analyze dynamically tailored, interactive video ads customized for unique audience segments.

Monexa: Vancouver, BC. A provider of SaaS Enterprise Billing and Commerce solutions

Mover: Edmonton, AB. Mover automates the complicated process of moving large numbers of files to and from cloud storage.

nFluids Inc.: Calgary, AB. nFluids developed a nanoparticle oil and gas drilling fluid that reduces fluid losses and increases lubrication and strength of the well bore.

Partnerpedia: Vancouver, BC. Enterprise App Stores and Marketplaces. Acquired by BMC Software in July, 2013.

PHEMI Health Solutions: Vancouver, BC. A process automation and Big Data platform company focused on improving clinic productivity, patient outcomes and medical research.

Pretio Interactive: Victoria, BC. Pretio connects valuable user actions with targeted rewards from top brands.

Redlen Technologies: Victoria, BC. Advanced materials for thin-film solar panels, medical imaging, and radiation detection

Shadow Networks: San Francisco, CA and Vancouver, BC Next-Generation threat detection and mitigation powered by software-defined networking and virtualization technologies.

Solegear: Vancouver, BC. Solegear offers high-performance compostable bioplastics replacement for petroleum-based plastics.

Tasktop: Vancouver, BC. Integration middleware for Application Lifecycle Management systems.

Thetus: Portland, OR. Semantic knowledge modeling, analysis and discovery software.

Tutela: Vancouver, BC. Tutela develops analytics software which allows cellular data service providers and Wi-Fi operators to monitor and refine cellular data offloading processes.

Vizimax: Montreal, QC. Vizimax is a designer and manufacturer of intelligent automation systems for grid modernization – the “smart grid.”

Wantering: Vancouver, BC. Wantering turns the expertise in fashion blogs and social networks into a digest of the most interesting fashion products on the web.