PHEMI Launches Zero Trust Data and Announces New Personalized Medicine Customer

VANCOUVER, BC – PHEMI, the company delivering privacy, security, and governance for big data, today introduced Zero Trust Data, an innovative, comprehensive approach to remove critical roadblocks standing in the way of enterprises aiming to become data-driven. A Zero Trust Data approach changes the way data is managed and secured, allowing companies to more effectively collect, share and protect data.

“The Big Data movement has opened up a lot of opportunity, but it has also introduced new security and compliance risks to the point where access and security has trumped the value of data integration,” says Stewart Bond, Director Data Integration Software Research at IDC. “PHEMI’s Zero Trust Data approach extends the zero trust networking concept to data where nothing is trusted, and everything is verified, bringing a new focus on data trust, availability, security and compliance in today’s Big Data environments.”

In a separate announcement today, PHEMI also announced new customer – Personalized Medicine Initiative – applying the Zero Trust Data model in a precision medicine application, along with partner Hortonworks.

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Author: PHEMI