PHEMI Appoints new CEO to Focus on Growth

VANCOUVER, BC – PHEMI, the company delivering big data solutions with built-in privacy, governance, and enterprise-grade management, today announced the appointment of a new CEO, positioning the company for continued growth and market expansion. Mr. Makos recently served as CEO of Angoss Software, a predictive analytics and data science company, where he led the company’s growth and worked closely with customers, helping to streamline the company’s product strategy and increase profitability. Previously, Mr. Makos served as President of Teradata Canada, working collaboratively with clients to design pioneering enterprise data warehouse and data mining solutions, with the company realizing a 30-fold increase in revenue during his tenure.

In his new role as PHEMI CEO, Makos will lead the company’s expansion from healthcare
and precision medicine to include the financial services, insurance, and other industries
working with sensitive data.

“PHEMI is uniquely positioned to solve privacy, security and governance challenges
associated with enterprise-grade big data warehouse deployments,” said Rick Makos,
CEO, PHEMI. “With PHEMI having recently been recognized for its offerings in key
industry analysts’ reports, I feel fortunate to be joining the company at a time where
there are unbound opportunities for business growth, and I look forward to close
engagement with the leadership team and an increased customer base.”

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Author: PHEMI