Cooledge deal among $2 billion invested in tech by Canadian VCs in 2014

Canadian tech has a “new class of maturing businesses” as Globe and Mail technology reporter Shane Dingman puts it, and those businesses attracted nearly $2 billion from Canadian VC’s in 2014*.… Continue reading

Yaletown Venture Partners ranked as 2014 Most Active Private Independent VC in Canada for second year in row by Thomson Reuters

Vancouver, BC – Yaletown Venture Partners was identified as Canada’s most active private independent VC for 2014 in Thomson Reuters’ independent annual review of Canada’s Venture Capital Market.… Continue reading

Canadian tech firms are getting funded, but gaps remain

The Financial Post article by Danny Bradbury captures it well: “Things are looking up for venture capital funding in the tech industry but in the middle [of a venture’s development from startup to exit] is a chasm that needs more cash input.”… Continue reading

Vancouver entrepreneurs tweak online food service until the price is right

Vancouver — In the last 18 months, Foodee’s monthly sales have risen to $200,000 from $30,000 in part because of wisely adapting their pricing model.… Continue reading

Lexus Campaign Streamed on Mixpo Wins Digiday Video Award for Best In-Stream Video Ad

Microsoft and Team One partnered with Mixpo to develop the “Other Side of Lexus” campaign to familiarize consumers with the other side of Lexus.… Continue reading

Yaletown ranks as Canada’s most active VC firm first 9 months 2014: Q3 report by Thomson Reuters for CVCA

In it’s ongoing review of Canada’s VC market, Thomson Reuters has ranked Yaletown Venture Partners as the most active private independent VC for the first three quarters of 2014 – a ranking Yaletown held all of 2013.… Continue reading