Forbes ranks Bit Stew on the Top 100 Internet of Things Startups List for 2015

Making the Forbes list of Top 100 Internet of Things Startups worldwide validates Bit Stew’s growing market traction and contribution to the IoT sector.

According the Bernard Marr, Big Data and Enterprise Analytics Contributor at Forbes, the majority of people (87%) have not heard the term ‘Internet of Things.’ This places Bit Stew and other leading IoT companies in the unique position to lead the expansion of IoT into the industrial and public domains. With GE estimating that the Industrial Internet will add $10 – 15 trillion to global GDP in the next 20 years, the IoT or Industrial IoT is poised to become one of the largest drivers of growth in the world economy.

Bit Stew’s strong position in the IoT ecosystem has recently been underlined by a recent series of new partnerships in North America and Europe.

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Author: Bitstew Systems