CVCA EXCLUSIVE: Inside The Winning 2017 Venture Capital Deal Of The Year – Yaletown Partners and Bit Stew Systems

The CVCA was proud to award Yaletown Partners with the 2017 Venture Capital Deal of the Year Award on June 7th, during the Invest Canada ’17 conference in Montreal.

Yaletown invested CAD $7.5 million in Bit Stew Systems, and realized proceeds of CAD $31.9 million representing 7x on its initial capital and an aggregate 4.3X through all rounds of financing, generating an internal rate of return of 98.3% in just under 3 years. Bit Stew, now known as GE Digital, expanded to become the premier data integration platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The CVCA had a chance to discuss the big win with Salil Munjal, Managing Partner and Hans Knapp, Co-Founder and Partner at Yaletown Partners earlier this month.

How did Yaletown get involved in the deal?

What about Bit Stew caught Yaletown’s eye?

Why does Yaletown think this particular deal was so successful?

What was it like working with the Bit Stew team?

Any lessons learned?

Has this deal shaped Yaletown’s investment thesis in anyway?

Find out the inside story.

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Author: CVCA