Cooledge Lighting enhances affordability and flexibility of its products with new upgrades

Vancouver, B.C. – In direct response to market demand, Cooledge Lighting Inc. today announced sweeping upgrades to its product portfolio, delivering even greater design flexibility while making installation substantially simpler and more cost effective. Furthermore, by implementing a new platform design, these enhanced systems are available at significantly lower price points than previous generations, making luminous surfaces more attractive across a much larger number of applications.

For the company’s TILE Tunable White product in particular, this next generation platform incorporates multiple control inputs into a single channel, simplifying installation, dramatically reducing the cost and thus closing the price gap between tunable and single-color temperature options. By making tunable white much more accessible for large luminous surfaces, this capability will become increasingly important, as designers and architects embrace the multiple benefits of dynamic control.

The end-to-end upgrades and progress from basic to intelligent control protocols cover all the elements required for high-performance, customizable luminous surfaces – from components to mounting options to power & control.

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Author: Cooledge Lighting