Canada’s Cleantech Future – Yaletown Research Explores Potential of IIoT and Intelligent Industry

Yaletown Partners latest research: Intelligent Industry: Canada’s Bet on Cleantech’s Future – explores how the early promise of cleantech will be delivered through the next generation of technology underway. In this next phase of Cleantech 2.0, Canada is poised to become a global leader.


The research shows that Cleantech’s future opportunity resides not in the historical promises of disruption of existing industries but in Cleantech 2.0 – the Intelligent Industry: empowering traditional industries to become more intelligent, efficient and productive through the adoption of communication and software technologies including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies.

Intelligent Industry represents the software opportunity of Cleantech 2.0. Industrial and commercial customers in a diverse range of industries including oil and gas, natural resources, agriculture, power generation and distribution, manufacturing, and transportation, are seeking to improve their operational productivity and efficiency. Cleantech 2.0 is on track to delver improvements in productivity of physical capital, infrastructure, and other asset-intensive operations reducing natural resource consumption and carbon intensity, while optimizing asset and capital efficiency.

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Author: Yaletown