Bit Stew was named as one of the Top 100 Analytics Companies for 2015 by Forbes Magazine

Forbes, the premier news source for the world’s business leaders, has recognized Bit Stew Systems as one of the Top 100 Analytics Startups globally. Bit Stew was named as one of only three Canadian companies by the Forbes list of the Top 100 Analytics Startups.

For its ranking, Forbes utilised the Mattermark score which analyzes over 1 million private companies. The resulting list featured startups that have not yet made an exit in the form of IPO or acquisition and are projected for continued growth.

The score is an indicator of a company’s traction, which incorporates web traffic data and social stats. To understand the company’s growth, the score looks at number of employees over time and funding, which are typically seen as good indicators for future growth. The study assumes that companies with a strong growth score are poised for continued growth.

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Author: Bit Stew Systems