Bit Stew Systems launches MIx Core™ Platform v.10 to Solve the Data Integration Challenge for the IIoT Ecosystem

Burnaby, B.C. – Bit Stew Systems, developer of the premier platform that solves the data integration challenge in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today announced the launch of version 10 of their MIx Core™ platform, a self-serve solution for intelligent data management for the IIoT ecosystem….

“Gone are the days of large integration teams and never ending data problems. Small teams can now solve big industrial problems with MIx Core,” says Franco Castaldini, Bit Stew’s Vice President, Marketing. “The introduction of version 10 and the new Data Management Workbench provides a self-service experience that enables IT and OT professionals to quickly model, map and ingest data from disparate sources.”

Franco says, “The platform removes the time and cost associated with continuous data wrangling which empowers industrial enterprises to transform and optimize their business, realize cost reductions, optimize asset performance, and improve productivity.”

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Author: Bit Stew Systems