Financing the Emerging-Growth Gap

While Canada has a growing international reputation for innovation, many Canadian technology companies are insufficiently financed to achieve their growth potential. Our research, and years of investment and operating experience in Canada, highlights a persistent imbalance between the large number of technology companies seeking emerging-growth financing and the amount of capital targeting companies in their initial growth phase. This emerging-growth financing gap slows development, delays exits and limits how businesses scale. Financing this emerging-growth gap is Yaletown’s focus. It’s how we support innovation by Canadian entrepreneurs and bring an attractive risk-return opportunity to investors.

We invest to accelerate growth and realize timely, valuable exits.

Yaletown’s Innovation Growth Fund helps Canadian technology companies to scale and become market leaders. We manage private investments in emerging-growth technology companies in Canada that develop and market products that enhance sustainability and productivity for industrial and enterprise customers. We refer to these sector themes as intelligent enterprise and intelligent industry.

We look to invest between $2 and $4 million initially, with capital reserved for follow-on financings for a total of $7.5 – $15 million. While we often partner with other funds in later financing, we prefer to lead or co-lead our initial investments.

We support essential business growth.

For every company Yaletown backs, our team contributes operational and financial experience and a disciplined perspective on growth to help teams focus and execute. We finance and support entrepreneurs to help with increasing revenue, further commercializing products, scaling teams, and advancing business strategy to win greater market share. We help with all aspects of a company’s life-cycle including financings, strategic relationships, mergers and acquisitions, and planning and preparation for public offerings. We also offer connections with a deep network of industry and financial contacts that bring value to our portfolio companies.

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